Birth Stories

Films, television and other media tend to present the experience of birth in a particular way: fraught and painful, essentially a panic-filled emergency. Predictably, many women (and families) fear the birth experience and anticipate it with, at best a sense of resignation – the price of having a child.

Birth is one of the most extraordinary events you will have the privilege to experiment in your lifetime, whether you are a mother or father.

The birth stories we have posted here demonstrate that while every birth is different, not pain-free, and requiring flexibility; every one is a beautiful event. Look forward to the birth of your child. It is going to be one of the best days of your life!

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This was a lovely birth in which the parents-to-be had hoped for a natural birth, and achieved it through calmness and discipline on the part of the mother-to-be, and loving support from the father-to-be. I was (am) so proud of them. – Du La, ND,… [LEARN MORE]

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Every birth is special in it’s way. This birth is a nice example of a meeting of more natural approaches (a midwife-attended birth) and more conventional approaches (a hospital setting). Read it, and you’ll see that it couldn’t have been more lovely. It brings… [LEARN MORE]

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I have attended hundreds of births, of almost every type, since I began to work as a naturopathic birth doula. Many imagine that I must be involved only in “hippy-dippy” births where everyone is naked, involving chanting. I love all births, each birth is… [LEARN MORE]

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This the story of the birth of our oldest daughter, written by Jonah, the day of her birth. We’re posting it today, in celebration of her 8th birthday. – Du La, ND, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist, Birth Doula May 8, 2009 Little Friend, You’re… [LEARN MORE]

The start of the holiday season always brings to mind the following birth story. As a naturopathic birth doula, I am always honoured and grateful my patients allow me to to be a part off this very special moment in their lives, a feeling… [LEARN MORE]

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Olka was the picture of health when it came to a pregnant woman. She ate extremely well, did prenatal yoga, took her supplements and meditated on a daily basis. Olka’s birth plan was clear: she did not want any form of augmentation (and even… [LEARN MORE]

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Soon after we purchased 475 Broadview for our new home and clinic space, Anja was conceived. There was much to do in preparation so we worked around the clock. Despite our contractor’s efforts, we didn’t meet our deadline of 2 weeks before the due… [LEARN MORE]

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In honour of doula week, I thought I’d share a birth story (with the permission of those involved, of course) with all of you. Enjoy! – Emily Bennett, ND Laura* was five days past her due date when things started to get going. This… [LEARN MORE]