Non-Celebrity Detox | $375

Detoxification programs are common amongst celebrities and the public alike, but most of the benefits attributed to detoxification programs are inaccurate, and most retail detoxification programs are lacking in ingredients to be optimally effective, or are at worst, potentially dangerous.

Our Non-Celebrity Detox program is designed to help you understand the potential benefits of a detoxification program, and successfully complete a safe, effective and nutritionally balanced three-week, research-based cleansing program.

Learn more about if a metabolic detoxification program is right for you.

Our Non-Celebrity Detox program (an over $440 value) includes:

  • 60-minute appointment for explanation of meal planning and medical food protocol
  • Two containers of UltraClear RENEW™ medical food

Non-Celebrity Detox programs at Toronto Centre for Naturopathic Medicine are covered by most extended healthcare plans.

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