In a conversation with a patient yesterday, we discussed the ways in which a meditation practice may help him resolve his health concern. In the course of this discussion, I found myself referring to different articles I had read on the various benefits of… [READ MORE]

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When I started writing this, the intent was to quickly summarize a conversation I’ve had on a number of occasions with patients trying to make educated decisions when choosing nutritional supplements and botanical medicines, but it turned into a bit of a manifesto. There… [READ MORE]

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A while ago we were interviewed on fish oil supplements in general, but practically, is there a difference in quality between products (which, as with most things, is generally reflected in cost of products on the market). Ultimately, the interview wasn’t published, but the… [READ MORE]

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This the story of the birth of our oldest daughter, written by Jonah, the day of her birth. We’re posting it today, in celebration of her 8th birthday. – Du La, ND, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist, Birth Doula May 8, 2009 Little friend, You’re… [READ MORE]

This is it, January 1st 2017 and a brand new year is stretched out ahead of you! Now is a great time to visualize and draft the goals you want to accomplish this year. While you can’t plan for everything that may happen, reaching your goals… [READ MORE]

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This blog entry is in support of our Wellness Wednesday video of this week, and a continuation of last week’s topic of flu vaccine decision-making. Flu vaccine prescription is outside the scope of practice of naturopathic doctors: we do not prescribe it, or dissuade… [READ MORE]

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… that is the question: Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer. The Slings and Arrows of public pressure, Or to take Arms against flu infection, … It’s flu season again, and with that our busiest season of answering the question: Should I… [READ MORE]

The start of the holiday season always brings to mind the following birth story. As a Naturopathic birth doula, I am always honoured and grateful my patients let me in to this intimate window of time. This birth story affirms that feeling each time… [READ MORE]

The holidays are full of festive gatherings and this gluten free, delicious and nutritious recipe is sure to be a hit with any party crowd. Sharing is caring! (for more great recipes, click here) Magenta Quinoasotto Quinoa 1 ½ cups beets, diced 1 ½… [READ MORE]

This week on our Instagram, our practitioners are sharing their favorite snacks to help motivate and inspire you to snack smart. Wonder what an ND looks for when choosing what to snack on? In this post we will share our tips for selecting the… [READ MORE]

The W.H.O. recommends that not more than 10% of a child’s daily caloric intake should come from added sugars. Wonder what that looks like practically speaking?   You would be shocked! Check out this #WellnessWednesday video to find out just how much fruit juice… [READ MORE]

In Traditional Chinese medicine cooler weather means we should select warming foods to nourish our body. Du La, ND gave us a short list of her favourite everyday warming foods and this easy recipe to incorporate them into your weekly meals. Enjoy! Ingredients: 6 full sized carrots,… [READ MORE]

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