Toronto Naturopathic Doctors - Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

The value of light therapy for treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is well established1, 2, 3, but for those interested in  pursuing this approach, the obstacles are the time to determine which product will be potentially most effective, and how to implement use  to… [READ MORE]

Toronto Naturopathic Doctors - SIBO Breath Test

Is the SIBO breath test the right laboratory test for you? In our experience, many persons having digestive symptoms receive a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), but no particular guidance in identifying possible causes, or options for treatment other than symptom management (e.g.,… [READ MORE]

Toronto naturopathic doctors

It’s holiday party season, and with that, for many, holiday “over-drinking season” (that’s a discrete was of writing hangover). There are a number of factors that appear to contribute to the symptoms experienced in a hangover: inflammation, oxidative stress and alcohol-induced nutrient deficiency specifically,… [READ MORE]

Toronto Naturopathic Doctor

The flu vaccine is “released” annually in October, and with it, begins our season of answering the question: “Should I get the flu vaccine?”. As naturopathic doctors, prescribing the flu vaccine, or advising against it lies outside out scope of practice. We can however… [READ MORE]

Toronto naturopathic doctors - pain

This post is the outcome of being asked repeatedly how Bowen Therapy works, either by patients skeptical of gentle pressure effectively reducing symptoms of chronic pain, or shocked by the fact that gentle pressure successfully relieved their chronic pain where more aggressive treatments did… [READ MORE]

Toronto naturopathic doctors - migraine

I’m writing this post to share some research I stumbled across in the course of my day-to-day work, researching treatments for patients having range of health concerns, in this case migraine headaches. I won’t spend a lot of time here offering background into the… [READ MORE]

Toronto naturopathic doctors

Recently, a patient asked me about a specific vitamin C product, basically whether it was worth paying a premium for. In order to offer them the most accurate answer I could, I decided to confirm a few facts before replying, and ended up going… [READ MORE]

Toronto Naturopathic Doctor

A frequent contributor to our friend Joy’s site, Du recently contributed an article on a vexing topic for many parents: getting young children to sleep. Read, learn and enjoy it here!

Toronto Naturopathic Doctor

This past March, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Du posted on Instagram a “love letter to herself”. Our friend Joy loved it, and asked Du to contribute an article at her site on how a person can complete this very important writing… [READ MORE]

Toronto Naturopathic Doctor

Here’s an interview we did with Lisa Borden, a great communications expert, who also blogs – basically a breakdown of what we do, and how to use naturopathic medicine. We love Lisa because she is a “straight-shooter”, and true to her values.

Toronto Naturopathic Doctor

So many years ago, in 2005, Du wrote an in-depth examination of oral contraceptives (“birth control pills”) in the now out-of-publication “Naturopathic Medicine Today”. Most of the information is still relevant today – but also an interesting archive of conventional approaches to birth control… [READ MORE]

Toronto Naturopathic Doctor

Way back in 2015 Du contributed a post to our friends at Joyous Health on meditation (one of our favourite topics and a great idea for anyone!)

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