Serenity Now Stress Management | $195

Our Serenity Now Stress Management program provides instruction on how to effectively use meditation to combat stress, and which of the many “stress-fighting” botanical (herbal) medicines on the market are most effective for you.

Stress-related concerns are responsible for 75% to 90% of appointments with primary care physicians, and more importantly decrease quality of life by affecting mood, disrupting sleep, depressing immune function and having a negative effect on a host of other qualities that make life worth living.

We have known for decades that meditation is effective for combating the effects of stress (and more recently that it’s benefits are far more wide-ranging), and recent research has confirmed that many of botanical (herbal) medicines that have been used for centuries as “tonics” do indeed effectively support the body in coping with stress.

Our Serenity Now Stress Management program includes:

  • 60-minute appointment for meditation training and creation of a individualized guided meditation
  • Recommendation of a nutritional supplement most suited to your experience of stress

Serenity Now Stress Management programs at Toronto Centre for Naturopathic Medicine are covered by most extended healthcare plans.

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