Why You Should Meditate


In a conversation with a patient yesterday, we discussed the ways in which a meditation practice may help him resolve his health concern.

In the course of this discussion, I found myself referring to different articles I had read on the various benefits of meditation.

It occurred to me, much like my post of last week on natural health product quality, that I should put this to “paper”, so it exists as a resource for persons interested in gaining information on the science behind this very valuable health practice.

Here are some interesting, easily digestible articles on the value to health, wellness and performance, of meditating.

Benefits to general health and a range of health conditions:

Benefits to children’s resiliency and school performance:

Effects on brain health and architecture; and biochemical responses:

For those inclined to more academic/scholarly reading, a quick search for “meditation” (as of the time of this posting) at PubMed yields 4389 results, and PLoS One yields 688 results, so, knock yourselves out!

Jonah Lusis, ND


Posted: 2017 May 17