Toronto Naturopathic Doctor

Laboratory Assessment

A complete understanding

At Toronto Centre for Naturopathic Medicine, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality assessment and healthcare, which often requires laboratory investigation.

Where possible, with your permission, we request copies of your laboratory assessment results from your other healthcare providers.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of your health concern, we may require laboratory information not available through your conventional healthcare providers. Some of these procedures can be carried out in-office. In cases where we are not able to conduct the required assessment in-office, we use the services of Dynacare®Rocky Mountain Analytical, Precision Analytical Inc., Doctor’s Data Inc., and The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc.

Laboratory testing kits for these assessments are provided and paid for at our office. Blood samples required for Rocky Mountain Analytical assessments are collected at any one of LifeLabs® many locations across the Greater Toronto Area.

Laboratory procedures which can be performed in-office include:

  • Urinalysis (general urine analysis)
  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (body composition assessment)

Examples of laboratory assessments we order from outside laboratory service providers include:

Laboratory assessments requested by naturopathic doctors are not covered by O.H.I.P. but may be covered by extended health benefits.