Health Coaching, Detoxification + Weight Management

The investment that pays tomorrow, and today

In naturopathic medicine, recovery from illness, and disease prevention are achieved by the same mechanism: health optimization.

Health optimization is a strategy focussed on helping your body function as well as it possibly is able, as opposed to compensating for loss of function using medications.

Optimizing health is an obvious asset when working towards recovery from illness, but in naturopathic medicine, health is more than simply absence of disease.

Optimal health may mean:

  • Optimizing pregnancy health, helping your child get off to the best possible start in life
  • Optimizing infant’s and young children’s early-year health to optimize mental and physical development
  • Minimize missed days, and maximizing energy and focus in school-aged children
  • Managing stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for busy mothers and fathers, allowing for energetic and patient parenting
  • Reducing illness-related work absence and stress, allowing for a more productive and rewarding employment experience and career success
  • Preventing or reducing symptoms associated with aging, allowing you to get the most out of your well-deserved retirement

In short, health optimization, be it improving your body’s ability to remove toxins, returning to a healthy weight, or beginning to live a healthier lifestyle in general, is the tool used for true prevention of illness (as opposed to “early detection” of disease), and is the difference between feeling “not sick”, and feeling great.

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