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The gentlest of treatments

Homeopathy is a 200-year-old therapeutic system that involves the use of small doses (called ultra-high dilutions) of various substances to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself. Homeopathy is considered one of the safest forms of medical treatment.

Although the use of diluted medicines is considered controversial by some, summary and analysis of published research on homeopathy confirms that homeopathic treatment is effective.

The goal of homeopathic treatment is to gently reverse symptoms, and eventually return the patient to a state of lasting health.

Benefits of Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines (commonly called homeopathic remedies) can be used to treat any health condition that has detectable and clear symptoms.

Homeopathy is a truly holistic approach to health in which a prescription is directed not at a specific condition, but towards improving your entire physiological function. For example: if a person suffers from anxiety, but also has recurrent headaches and digestive symptoms, a successful homeopathic prescription will alleviate symptoms of all three health conditions.

The benefits of an accurate homeopathic prescription are lasting, not requiring on-going use of the medicine.

Homeopathy is the gentlest of treatments, having no possibility of toxicity.

Side effects of homeopathic treatment are rare, and when present, temporary.

What to Expect

If your naturopathic doctor recognizes symptoms that guide them to a homeopathic medicine prescription in the course of your appointment, one may be prescribed at the end of the treatment as would any nutritional supplement or botanical (herbal) medicine.

Alternatively, if it appears you may benefit from homeopathic treatment, very detailed questions, including questions about the symptoms of your main health concern, the symptoms of past health concerns and your response to stressors will be asked to create a “picture” that can used to identify the homeopathic medicine that most closely matches your entire set of symptoms.

Homeopathic medicines are used in the form of small white pellets called globules. The frequency with which they are to be used is determined by your naturopathic doctor based on how frequently and intensely your symptoms are experienced.

The goal of homeopathic treatment is gentle resolution of all symptoms. You should be able to, in time, maintain your healthy state without further use of your homeopathic medicine after it has “reset” your body’s physiological function.

Homeopathy at Toronto Centre for Naturopathic Medicine

At Toronto Centre for Naturopathic Medicine, we practice Hahnemannian homeopathy, the original form of homeopathic treatment involving the matching of a patient’s physical and emotional symptoms with the most appropriate of some 3000 homeopathic remedies.

All our naturopathic doctors are trained in homeopathy, but patients seeking homeopathic care specifically are referred to Jonah Lusis, ND.

Jonah has completed over 600 hours of continuing education in homeopathic training respectively, including training with Joseph Kellerstein, ND, André Saine, ND and Klaus Scheiman-Burkhardt, RPh, amongst the most respected teachers of homeopathy in Canada.

Homeopathic treatment provided at Toronto Centre for Naturopathic Medicine is covered by most extended healthcare plans.

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