Seasonal Cold + Flu Clinic | $100

Our Seasonal Cold and Flu Clinic program is a crash-course in lifestyle behaviours, nutritional supplements and botanical (herbal) medicines that can be used to boost immune function, and help you enjoy a happy, healthy, productive winter.

A strong immune system provides effective, reliable protection against not only the flu, but also colds, sinus infections, pneumonia and other “winter infections”.

A well-functioning immune system provides:

  • Improved resistance to those opting not to use the flu vaccine, or for those vaccinated in years that the flu vaccine is prepared using the incorrect flu strain
  • Increased vaccine effectiveness (flu vaccines are less effective in persons with weak immune systems), and
  • “Added insurance” in years when the flu vaccine is “well-matched” (even in well-matched seasons, flu vaccines are only 60% effective in reducing illness in the general population)

Our Seasonal Cold and Flu Clinic program (a $120 value) includes:

Seasonal Cold and Flu Clinic programs at Toronto Centre for Naturopathic Medicine are covered by most extended healthcare plans.

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