The Birth of Esmé


This the story of the birth of our oldest daughter, written by Jonah, the day of her birth. We’re posting it today, in celebration of her 8th birthday.

Du La, ND, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist, Birth Doula

May 8, 2009

Little Friend,

You’re Esmé now. You were born this morning at 8:08 am – very good fortune (all these eights). You had a full head of hair – a sign of vitality. Although unexpectedly early, your birth went very well.

Fortunately, earlier this week, your Vepa (grandfather) was here and helped me finish clearing your room and building ramps for your stroller into the yard and house. Our friend, Rocky, bought you a car seat and planned to drop it off next Sunday but happened to be in the area Wednesday (yesterday) and brought it by then. Just yesterday, I picked up bed pads and gauze. Then at around 9:30 pm last night, your mom’s water broke.

We called Sarah and she came by around 10:30 pm and confirmed your water had broken. Your mom emailed the people at Choices Childbirth and they (very kindly) offered to bring the tub over immediately. In the hour it took them to arrive, I was able to put the house in order and prepare almost everything. By around 6:00 am your mom’s contractions were strong enough that we started to time them but within 30 minutes it was obvious se should call Sarah.   Her contractions were over one minute and less than four minutes apart. Sarah arrived by around 7:00 am and your birth progressed so quickly we didn’t even have time to adequately heat the birth tub. You were born at 8:08 am in your bedroom on a mattress. It was beautiful sunny morning with sunlight streaming in the window. Sarah, Li (her back up midwife) and Megan (midwifery student) did an excellent job delivering you. Minutes after your birth you were lying on your mom’s chest, swaddled in blankets.

Your Aunt Mandy arrived shortly after your birth – she was expecting to help out, but you were born so quickly she just visited. Your APGAR scores were good (9 and 10). You were 6 lbs 5 oz and around 19” long. Your mom had an amazing experience. After you were born, she was as though it was any normal day (physically). She could have gone grocery shopping I think…

See you later,

Jonah Lusis (Dad)


Posted: 2017 May 8