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Helping Children Sleep Naturally

A frequent contributor to our friend Joy’s site, Du recently contributed an article on a vexing topic for many parents: getting young children to sleep. Read, learn and enjoy it here!

Healthy Snacks for Kids

Du and Joyous Health can’t get enough of talking about healthy snacks for kids! Here’s a post Du contributed in 2015: as relevant today as it was then!

The Importance of DHA For A Baby’s Brain

Here’s an article, written by Du for our friends at  Joyous Health on the importance of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) on the developing human brain. Ever wondered if mercury in fish is a concern? Whether vegetarians can consume adequate DHA via flax seed oil? All will be… [LEARN MORE]

Total Sun Protection from the Inside Out

Way back in 2015, Du contributed an article to our friends at Joyous Health on foods one can eat that help your skin resist/recover from sun exposure. Maybe not the thing for today (15 days from the shortest day of the year), but something… [LEARN MORE]

The Human Microbiome: the Body’s Ecosystem

Way back in 2015, Du contributed an article to Green Moms Collective on the microbiome, a “hot” area of research in “alternative”, and indeed, all medicine now! A great introduction to this emerging concept, including techniques for fostering and supporting a healthy “ecosystem” in… [LEARN MORE]

Baby Food Introduction

Way back in 2016, Du and I contributed a post to our friends at Joyous Health on introducing infants to solid foods, how to know when, which foods are safest to begin with, etc. This post was actually the product the research we did… [LEARN MORE]

Seven Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Way back in early 2015, Du shared a week of simple, healthy and delicious school lunches with our friends at Joyous Health. A great resource for parents looking for school lunch ideas for their own future Nobel Prize recipients!    

Should Children Use a Multi-Vitamin?

This is an article I wrote for EcoParent Magazine’s Fall 2017 Issue. It hasn’t been posted Online, but I’ve posted it here! After I submitted it, I was contacted by the editor and asked for a few changes – apparently some of the magazines… [LEARN MORE]

The Perfect Prescription: Walking

Here’s an article I wrote for EcoParent Magazine back in spring of 2015 on walking: the very real health benefits of this inherently pleasurable activity, and how to easily incorporate it in to your everyday routine. EcoParent hasn’t posted it Online, but here it… [LEARN MORE]

Introducing Your Baby to Solid Foods, Safely

Du and I wrote an article reviewing the most recent research one how to introduce solid foods into a child’s diet to minimize the potential for developing allergies. It appeared in EcoParent Magazine’s 2015 Winter Issue, but wasn’t posted Online – here it is! –… [LEARN MORE]