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SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) Breath Test

Is the SIBO breath test the right laboratory test for you? In our experience, many persons having digestive symptoms receive a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), but no particular guidance in identifying possible causes, or options for treatment other than symptom management (e.g.,… [LEARN MORE]

Hangover Prevention – Because We’re There for You

It’s holiday party season, and with that, for many, holiday “over-drinking season” (that’s a discrete was of writing hangover). There are a number of factors that appear to contribute to the symptoms experienced in a hangover: inflammation, oxidative stress and alcohol-induced nutrient deficiency specifically,… [LEARN MORE]

To Flu Vaccine, or Not Flu Vaccine – 2018 Edition

The flu vaccine is “released” annually in October, and with it, begins our season of answering the question: “Should I get the flu vaccine?”. As naturopathic doctors, prescribing the flu vaccine, or advising against it lies outside out scope of practice. We can however… [LEARN MORE]

Helping Children Sleep Naturally

A frequent contributor to our friend Joy’s site, Du recently contributed an article on a vexing topic for many parents: getting young children to sleep. Read, learn and enjoy it here!

Natural Labour Induction + Augmentation | $245

Using natural medicines and treatments to induce, or augment a slowly progressing labour, is an effective means to potentially avoid cesarean birth (c-section), and experience less pain than in a Pitocin® (synthetic oxytocin)-induced labour.

IWM: Du La + Jonah Lusis

Here’s an interview we did with Lisa Borden, a great communications expert, who also blogs – basically a breakdown of what we do, and how to use naturopathic medicine. We love Lisa because she is a “straight-shooter”, and true to her values.

Birth Control: Hormones Redefined

So many years ago, in 2005, Du wrote an in-depth examination of oral contraceptives (“birth control pills”) in the now out-of-publication “Naturopathic Medicine Today”. Most of the information is still relevant today – but also an interesting archive of conventional approaches to birth control… [LEARN MORE]