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To Flu Vaccine, or Not Flu Vaccine – 2018 Edition

The flu vaccine is “released” annually in October, and with it, begins our season of answering the question: “Should I get the flu vaccine?”. As naturopathic doctors, prescribing the flu vaccine, or advising against it lies outside out scope of practice. We can however… [LEARN MORE]

Deciding On the Flu Vaccine

Every year at the beginning of flu season, we are inundated with media extolling the value of the flu shot. Does the science support the marketing push? Jonah Lusis, ND reviews how well the flu vaccine has performed over the past 14 years.  … [LEARN MORE]

To Flu Vaccine, or Not Flu Vaccine

… that is the question: Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer. The Slings and Arrows of public pressure, Or to take Arms against flu infection, … It’s flu season again, and with that our busiest season of answering the question: Should I… [LEARN MORE]

Musings on the Flu Vaccine

So, a propos of flu season, I thought I’d opine on the flu vaccine. As a naturopathic doctor, the expectation is likely that I’m against it, but I’m neutral to it. What had come to my attention, and what I was thinking of commenting… [LEARN MORE]