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The Birth of Caroline*

I have attended hundreds of births, of almost every type, since I began to work as a naturopathic birth doula. Many imagine that I must be involved only in “hippy-dippy” births where everyone is naked, involving chanting. I love all births, each birth is… [LEARN MORE]

Three Things a Birth Partner Can Do to Help at Birth

The role of the birth partner can be perplexing, we all want to help, but how? Jessica Dupont (née Sanguiliano) helps, with three simple guidelines!     For more great videos on health and wellness, visit our YouTube Channel!   Posted: 2017 May 24

The Birth of Roland

The start of the holiday season always brings to mind the following birth story. As a naturopathic birth doula, I am always honoured and grateful my patients allow me to to be a part off this very special moment in their lives, a feeling… [LEARN MORE]

What is a Doula?

Pregnancy is a period of big changes in a new mother’s life, a time filled with beautiful moments and serious challenges. As your baby grows, it’s normal to want comfort, reassurance and support from the people around you – both loved ones and medical… [LEARN MORE]