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The Importance of DHA For A Baby’s Brain

Here’s an article, written by Du for our friends at  Joyous Health on the importance of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) on the developing human brain. Ever wondered if mercury in fish is a concern? Whether vegetarians can consume adequate DHA via flax seed oil? All will be… [LEARN MORE]

The Human Microbiome: the Body’s Ecosystem

Way back in 2015, Du contributed an article to Green Moms Collective on the microbiome, a “hot” area of research in “alternative”, and indeed, all medicine now! A great introduction to this emerging concept, including techniques for fostering and supporting a healthy “ecosystem” in… [LEARN MORE]

5 Tips for Growing a Healthy Baby

Way back in 2015, Du contributed a post to our friends at Joyous Health on simple, natural practices pregnant women can observe, that are often ignored in “conventional” “pregnancy preparation”, but can really support a positive birth experience, and lifelong health for your baby!… [LEARN MORE]

Nutrition During Pregnancy

A mother-to-be’s nutritional status sets the stage for a lifetime of health. Jessica Dupont (née Sanguiliano) gives a crash course in healthy eating for pregnancy!     Here’s a summary! For more great videos on health and wellness, visit our YouTube Channel!   Posted:… [LEARN MORE]

Nutrition During Pregnancy

Expanding on our Wellness Wednesday video of yesterday, Jessica Sanguiliano, ND, gives us additional tips for maintaining optimum nutrition during pregnancy. Enjoy! It goes without question that a woman’s nutrition before and during pregnancy influences the health of her baby. Proper nutrition ensures that a woman… [LEARN MORE]