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What You Need to Know About Intermittent Fasting

I recently contributed an article for our friends at Joyous Health on intermittent fasting, what it’s all about, and how Jonah and I do it. Sometimes when we contribute articles, then are edited and we will post them here so you can read them… [LEARN MORE]

Metabolic Detoxification

Clean From the Inside Out Metabolic detoxification is the mechanism by which the vast majority of chemicals are removed from your body. Chemicals you are exposed to in the course of your daily life, and which can remain in your body’s fat stores long-term,… [LEARN MORE]

Medical Weight Loss + FirstLine® Therapy

Be healthy, feel great The negative health effects associated with, not only obesity, but with being overweight or having excess body-fat are now accepted by healthcare professionals of all disciplines. A very limited list of health conditions associated with obesity includes: Heart disease (including a… [LEARN MORE]