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Spring Family Cleanse

Here’s an article I wrote for EcoParent Magazine’s 2017 Spring Issue on a safe, simple detoxifying diet that can be completed as a family. Again, published in print, but not Online, except here, and continued here! – Jonah Lusis, ND

Four Approaches to Cleansing

We’ve mentioned already that there’s more than one way to cleanse. In fact, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different ways to pull toxins out of your body to restore good health. Want to know more? We’ve broken cleansing down into four general… [LEARN MORE]

Metabolic Detoxification

Clean From the Inside Out Metabolic detoxification is the mechanism by which the vast majority of chemicals are removed from your body. Chemicals you are exposed to in the course of your daily life, and which can remain in your body’s fat stores long-term,… [LEARN MORE]

Myths About Cleansing and Detox

Over the course of May, we plan to give you a more thorough look at how to eliminate toxins and develop better health, beginning with this week’s blog post on the myths and facts about cleansing. Here are some of the most common myths… [LEARN MORE]

What to Expect During a Cleanse

There are a lot of myths about cleansing floating around, many of which we’ve already debunked in an earlier blog post. But if you won’t feel tired and cranky or be running to the bathroom all day, what should you expect during your first cleanse?… [LEARN MORE]