Earth Day, Every Day!

Candice McNish

Even though Earth Day is over, we believe that every day should be Earth Day!

Here are 5 easy tips to be green every day:

Shop local

Seasonal farmer’s markets are a great way to get local produce and support the local farming community. The less distance your food has to travel to you, the lower your carbon footprint. Even better, support a local CSA!

Here are some of our favourite markets here in Toronto.

Buy less, or buy used

We actually need far fewer things than we think! And most things we need we can find gently used at second-hand stores or Online. Before purchasing an item, ask yourself if you truly need it, and, if so, if you can find it second-hand. If you are getting rid of something such as furniture, baby clothes, or kitchen items, ask around to your friends to see if they are in need.

Walk more

Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to get out, get more exercise, and reduce your carbon footprint! In addition to being good for the planet, walking is gentle exercise and great for our wellbeing. Thank you to Jonah Lusis, ND, for giving us these great tips in our Wellness Wednesday video.

Use Reusables

Single use items, usually made from plastic, not only contain harmful (to you and the environment) chemicals, they also add unnecessary waste to landfills. This is easily avoided by using reusables! Stock up on reusable bags, portable food containers, and water bottles.

Power down

If you’re not charging, unplug! Even when you are finished charging and have removed your electronics from the charger, leaving your power cords plugged in continues to draw energy. Make it a daily task to quickly patrol your home items that are plugged in unnecessarily.

Simple suggestions such as these, can make a huge impact if we all take the time to practice them.

It is true we only have one planet Earth and it is our job to make sure it stays healthy for generations to come.


Posted: 2015 April 23