Publications + Contributions

We are often asked to contribute articles related to living a healthy lifestyle, naturopathic medicine, parenting and fostering health habits in children, natural approaches to … and a range of other topics relating to health (e.g., meditation).

As often as possible, we happily contribute.

Naturopathic medicine is not simply the practice of substituting a natural medicine for a pharmaceutical one. Naturopathic medicine is the the process of creating a healthy lifestyle, the “natural consequence” of which is health, and educating and empowering patients (and people in general) to understand what are healthy choices and and act on them (this is one of the reasons we continue to describe ourselves as “naturopathic doctors”, as opposed to “naturopathic physicians” – the word “doctor” has the original meaning, “teacher”).

Viewed through this lens, a well-researched and thoughtfully written magazine article or blog post is a way of practicing naturopathic medicine.

Please enjoy this record of what the “hot”topics in health have been over the years: the topics we’ve been interested in, and that publications have wanted to explore.

Toronto Naturopathic Doctor

Du and I wrote an article reviewing the most recent research one how to introduce solid foods into a child’s diet to minimize the potential for developing allergies. It appeared in EcoParent Magazine’s 2015 Winter Issue, but wasn’t posted Online – here it is! –… [LEARN MORE]

Toronto Naturopathic Doctor

Here’s the content of an article I wrote that was published in EcoParent.  They haven’t posted it Online, but have a lot of other great content. Check them out. In the meantime, enjoy! – Jonah Lusis, ND THE SCENE: A DOCTOR’S OFFICE (The late afternoon sun… [LEARN MORE]

Toronto Naturopathic Doctor

Here’s the content of an article we wrote that was published in the fall 2016 “Education Issue” of EcoParent.  They haven’t posted it Online, but this is how the article looks. – Jonah Lusis, ND As I write this, in a coffee shop, the next… [LEARN MORE]