Helpful Links

Healthy Recipes

Jamie Oliver   |   Healthy, “whole food”-based recipes, including a section on “family food”

Joyous Health   |   Healthy recipes and lifestyle advice

80Twenty   |   Recipes for healthy, balanced eating; focusing on local and seasonal ingredients; prepared by chef with training in naturopathic medicine

Nourishing Meals   |   Gluten-free, “whole foods”-based recipes

Oh She Glows   |   Meat- and dairy-free; and mostly gluten-, soy- and processed food-free recipes

Unconventional Baker   |   Gluten-, dairy-, egg- and refined sugar-free baked goods recipes

Meditation and Mindfulness Aids

Headspace®   |   Guided meditation app

Stop, Breathe & Think   |   Guided meditation app

Meditation Oasis®   |   Guided mediation podcasts

The Honest Guys   |   YouTube channel of guided mediations


Body-mass Index (BMI)   |   To determine if you are at a healthy body-weight

“Fitness Age”   |   Using a mathematical algorithm predicting maximal oxygen intake (VO2 max), which closely correlates with increased life expectancy

Lifestyle Change and Behaviour Tracking

MyFitnessPal   |   Calorie intake and expenditure tracking app

Pacer   |   Pedometer and behaviour tracking app

Pacifica   |   Behaviour tracking app

Prescription Drugs Information   |   Comprehensive, reliable information on any prescription drug, including side effects and interactions

Parenting Guidance and Advice

Aha! Parenting   |   Parenting guidance, based in “attachment parenting”,  focussing on fostering internal motivation for positive behaviours in children

Janet Lansbury   |   Parenting guidance focussing on mindfulness and respect